Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Leading by example

Board Officers

Janet Garufis, Chair of the Board

Michelle Richardson, Secretary

Todd Aldrich, Chair of Governance

Kathryn R. Martin, President & CEO, Ex-Officio

Nir Kabaretti, Ex-Officio


Rachel Kaganoff Stern

Betheny Mennemeyer, Musician Liaison

Honorary Board of Directors

James H. Franzen

Connie O’Shaughnessy Los

Norman Sosner

Marilynn Sullivan

Anne Smith Towbes

** In Memoriam **

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

Mrs. Natalie Myerson

Richard Aberle

Leni Fe Bland

Terrie Mershon

Michael Towbes

Board Member Emeritus

David Chernof, MD 2010-2019 Years Served

Gillian Launie 2003-2011 Years Served

Arthur Swalley 2007-2019 Years Served

Endowment Trustees

Sarah Chrisman Term Ending 6-30-2024

Roberta Griffin Term Ending 6-30-2025

Gregg Hackethal Term Ending 6-30-2027

Josh Yager Term Ending 6-30-2024

Sam Hedgpeth III Term Ending 6-30-2026

Arthur Swalley Term Ending 6-30-2028

Todd Aldrich Term Ending 6-30-2027

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