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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Leading by example

Board Officers

Janet Garufis, Chair of the Board

Michelle Richardson, Secretary

Dan Burnham, Chair of Governance

Dr. Don Gilman, Immediate Past Chair

Kathryn R. Martin, President & CEO, Ex-Officio

Nir Kabaretti, Ex-Officio


Sarah Chrisman

Donald Foster, Orchestra Committee Chair, Musician Liaison

Renee Grubb

George Konstantinow

Allen Mask

Kate Parker

Catherine Remak

Honorary Board of Directors

Leslie Ridley-Tree

Norman Sosner

James H. Franzen

Anne Smith Towbes

Connie O’Shaughnessy Los

Marilynn Sullivan

Mrs. Natalie Myerson

** In Memoriam **

Richard Aberle

Leni Fe Bland

Michael Towbes

Terrie Mershon

Board Member Emeritus

Gillian Launie 2003-2011 Years Served

Patricia Gregory 2004-2017 Years Served

David Chernof, MD 2010-2019 Years Served

Arthur Swalley 2007-2019 Years Served

Endowment Trustees

Sandra Chan Term Ending 6-30-2025

Douglas McCartney Term Ending 6-30-2025

James H. Franzen Term Ending 6-30-2025

A.C. Moore Term Ending 6-30-2021

Brett Moore Term Ending 6-30-2022

Gregg Hackethal Term Ending 6-30-2022

Arthur Swalley Term Ending 6-30-2023

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