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A Donor-funded initiative strategically aligning giving commitments with the multi-year artistic vision of Artistic & Music Director Maestro Nir Kabaretti.

Become a Crescendo Member by making a pledge of support to reinforce the financial foundation of the Symphony’s strategic 5-Year Artistic and Operational Framework, designed to propel the organization to new artistic heights and deepened community impact, paired with long-range financial stability.

“This feels like a new beginning for the Symphony and our community. With the outpouring of support from our visionary donors, patrons and partners, I’m thrilled to have for the first time a multi-year framework that allows us to invite artists and create programming that would never be possible when only looking year to year.”
– Nir Kabaretti

Your Crescendo Membership provides a strong and predictable financial structure for Nir Kabaretti and CEO Kathryn R. Martin to seize opportunities that would never be possible within a 12-month window.
Santa Barbara Symphony - NIr Kabaretti, Music & Artistic Director 1/18/20 The Granada Theatre

Crescendo Membership Benefits include:

  • Gather together with Nir Kabaretti and fellow visionary
    supporters, at Crescendo member-only events in private
    homes and unique locations throughout each season,
    discussing artistic opportunities, meeting guest artists & more
  • Receive a special Crescendo membership pin (gem based
    on Crescendo annual membership level)
  • Receive all other annual benefits determined by your
    annual level of support

To join Crescendo, or for more information, 
please contact Rebecca Roling at
(805) 898-0107 or

As a visionary supporter you are leading the way.

Creating a predictable and budgetable foundation is the cornerstone of Crescendo, and multi-year artistic plans will be made based upon signed pledge forms.

We invite you to join us as a Crescendo Member by aligning your giving by pledging your support for our 5 year framework.

How to Join:

Share which option you prefer for this 2021/22 Season:

  1. Use your current donation/pledge to count as your Year 1.
  2. Pledge an additional donation, to bring you up to a higher Crescendo Level, help us balance this year’s budget, and receive additional sponsorship acknowledgement for the 2021/22 Season (Year 1 pledges to be paid prior to June 30, 2022).

To join Crescendo, or for more information,
please contact Rebecca Roling at
(805) 898-0107 or

crescendo membership levels

Here are our Crescendo Members to Date!

Our Board of Directors has committed to Crescendo with 100% membership and we are adding new members every day—meaning we will already start each of the next four seasons with $620,700 in committed gifts—a confidence-building position to bring Nir’s artistic vision to life!

Pledges received as of May 11, 2022

Diamond: $100,000

  • Roger & Sarah Chrisman

Ruby: $75,000

Emerald: $50,000

  • Samuel M. & Alene S. Hedgpeth
  • Montecito Bank & Trust

Sapphire: $25,000

  • Ann Jackson Family Foundation
  • Dan & Meg Burnham
  • Zegar Family Fund*

Opal: $15,000

  • Barbara Ann Clark
  • Patricia Gregory for the Baker Foundation
  • Dr. Bob Weinman

Topaz: $10,000

  • Susan Aberle
  • Roxana & Fred Anson
  • Christine A. Green
  • Marilyn & Richard Mazess
  • Duncan & Suzanne Mellichamp

Amber: $7,500

  • Elizabeth Kilb
  • Chris Lancashire*

Amethyst: $5,000

  • Eve Bernstein
  • Mark & Shelley Bookspan
  • Barbara Burger & Paul E. Munch
  • NancyBell Coe & Bill Burke
  • Karen Drown & John Trotti
  • Libby & Stephen Erickson
  • Brooks & Kate Firestone
  • Janet A. Garufis
  • Frederic & Nancy Golden
  • John & Pam Johnston
  • Judd & Susan Lundt
  • Ruth & John Matuszeski
  • Sara Miller McCune
  • Yakko & Richard Meyers
  • Marlene & Warren Miller
  • Omega Financial Group
  • Jean Rogers*
  • Howard Jay Smith & Patricia Bivans Dixon
  • Wallin Studios
  • Bruce & Susan Worster*


Aquamarine: $2,500

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Todd & Allyson Aldrich
  • Mikki March Andina
  • Will & Deirdre Arntz*
  • Joyce & Richard Axilrod
  • Dr. Mashey M. Bernstein Ph.D
  • Bryant & Sons Jewelry, Bob & Patty Bryant
  • Linda Stafford Burrows
  • Mary Jane & Andrew Cooper
  • Pamela Cox
  • Mary Tonetti Dorra
  • Tom & Christine Frisina
  • Marilyn Gilbert
  • Dr. Don & Deana Gilman
  • Carol V. Greene*
  • Christopher D. Harris
  • Valerie Harrison*
  • Daniel & Mandy Hochman
  • Gaja Hubbard & Nir Kabaretti
  • Palmer & Susan Jackson*
  • Karin Jacobson
  • Simon Knight & Carrie West*
  • George Konstantinow & Helene Segal
  • Gillian Launie*
  • Beth Leddy
  • Dodie Little*
  • Peter & Kathryn Martin
  • Janet McGinnis
  • Peter Morris*
  • Judith A. Muller*
  • Samuel Pellicori*
  • Michelle & Geoff Richardson
  • Jerry & Joan Rocco
  • Rebecca & Mark Roling
  • Sybil Rosen*
  • Nancy B. Schlosser
  • Les & Maureen Shapiro*
  • Anitra Sheen
  • Howard & Carol Simon
  • Trudy Smith
  • Wanda Smith
  • Isabelle Meyer Stapf
  • Pat & Terry Straehley
  • Arthur G. Swalley
  • Mary Jo Swalley
  • Anne Smith Towbes
  • Village Properties, Inc.
  • Kathryn Washburn
  • Kathleen Weber
  • Mort & Judy Weisman*
* Joined in the 2021/22 Season

To join Crescendo, or for more information, please contact Rebecca Roling at
(805) 898-0107 or

The Santa Barbara Symphony is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit. Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes according to provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable state law. Please consult your tax advisor.

Federal Tax ID: 95-2104089

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