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Santa Barbara Celebration

February 27, 2021

Maestro Nir Kabaretti leads the Santa Barbara Symphony and soloists through a program highlighting Santa Barbara’s musical talents. This program will be a tribute to our area medical professionals. Performances include  “State Street” from Bramwell Tovey’s “Santa Barbara Sonata “, Beethoven’s Romance in F Major with Concertmaster Jessica Guideri, the beautiful “Elvira Madigan” movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 21 with local doctor Toni Meyers as soloist, and Mozart’s Symphony No. 29.

Behind the Music

Pre-performance conversations and interviews about the music and the musicians, back-stage happenings, and more. Keep checking back as the 2020/21 Season unfolds to Watch and Listen to some of our special Behind-the-Music events.

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