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Santa Barbara Symphony Continues Commitment to Music Education

“Our education team remained committed, despite the challenges this past year, to continue to bring music education to local school children. We are grateful to our donors who are helping us provide even more ways for students to thrive through music, which in turn creates a pipeline to lifelong musical opportunities.” – Nir Kabaretti, Music & Artistic Director

Santa Barbara Symphony Presents an All-American Concert Rooted in Tradition with “Fanfare for the Common Man”

“Originally composed as a response to America’s entry into World War II, Copland titled Fanfare to honor the common man, during those trying times. As we enter the second year of a global pandemic and recognize the resilience of our community and the impact we as an organization have had working together to continue playing music, this uplifting piece inspires unity and a call to action,” — Music & Artistic Director, Nir Kabaretti.

Santa Barbara Symphony Takes Audiences on a Musical Trip With “Violins Around the World”

“To me, Gilles Apap represents the ultimate violinist of the 21st century. While his roots may be in the classical tradition, with direct connections to the greatest masters of the violin, from Yehudi Menuhin to Gideon Kremer, Gilles’s ability to play and innovate across so many different musical genres is absolutely unique in the world.” -Maestro Nir Kabaretti. “

Santa Barbara Symphony Presents Santa Barbara Celebration, Honoring Santa Barbara’s Medical Community

“We thank the Santa Barbara Symphony for honoring our local medical community, and recognizing the critical work, dedication, and bravery of our healthcare workers. Music has long been a conduit to healing, and in what is a tremendously difficult year for everyone, the Symphony’s message through music is more powerful and appreciated than ever, and one we can all surely benefit from.” — Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Sansum Clinic.

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