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Thank You Santa Barbara!

from all of us at the Santa Barbara Symphony

Together, in donations big and small, YOU helped us raise $328,000 and end our fiscal year strong during COVID-19.

These gifts, ranging from $10 to $25,000, came from more than 200 donors from all across our Symphony family—longtime subscribers, parents of students, ticket buyers who moved away but still have us in their hearts and new, first-time donors—your kind words and thoughtful notes helped reinforce the importance of our work in our community.

The Symphony will continue to give back this support—online, in schools, onstage, and beyond. We are so grateful to have an enthusiastic Symphony family with us on this journey through good times and difficult ones.

Thank you again to all of you.


Dan & Meg Burnham
Sarah Chrisman
Brooks & Kate Firestone
Janet Garufis
Patricia Gregory
Daniel & Mandy Hochman
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Duncan & Suzanne Mellichamp
Sara Miller McCune
Montecito Bank & Trust
Joan Rutkowski
Sonos, Inc.
Anne Towbes

2019/20 Season Sponsors

Principal Sponsors
David & Chris Chernof
Roger & Sarah Chrisman
Daniel & Mandy Hochman
Montecito Bank & Trust

Concert Sponsors
Dan & Meg Burnham
Casa Dorinda

Artist Sponsors
David & Chris Chernof
Brooks & Kate Firestone
Nancy & Fred Golden
Christine A. Green
Patricia A. Gregory for the Baker Foundation
Santa Barbara Symphony Board of Directors

Selection Sponsors
Susan Aberle
JoAnne Ando
Gail Beust
Barbara Burger & Paul Munch
Sam & Alene Hedgpeth
Joan E. Jacobs
Hans Koellner & Karin Jacobson
Chris Lancashire & Catherine Gee
Arthur G. Swalley & Arlington Financial Advisors
John Trotti & Karen Drown
Dr. Robert W. Weinman

Corporate Sponsors
Mission Audio/Video

Additional Sponsors
Susan Lundt
John & Ruth Matuszeski

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DONORS THIS SEASON! Our 2019/20 Symphony Musician Sponsors, Guest Artist Sponsors, Selection Sponsors, Music Education Scholarship donors, Community & Business Funders and ALL who help us create impact year-round.

(All Symphony donors since the beginning of our 2019/20 season.)

Susan Aberle • Royce Adams and Jane Brody • Guenter and June Ahlers • Catherine L. Albanese • Todd and Allyson Aldrich • Amanda Allen • M. and C. Amer • Carol Anderson • Cynthia Anderson • Susan M. Anderson • JoAnne Ando • Roxana and Fred Anson • Arlington Financial Advisors • William & Deirdre Hade Arntz • Richard and Joyce Axilrod • Art and Ann Ayres • George and Elly Bajor • Gwen and Henry Baker • Janet Barr and Carol Carpenter • Helene Beaver • Robert and Ann Benham • Benner and Carpenter, Inc. • Don and Esther Bennett • Joan Bennett • Emily Benson • Karen Bergen • Eve Bernstein • Dr. Mashey Bernstein • Jack and Marguerite Bianchi • Gordon and Susan Bjork • Russell and Suzanne Bock • Boeing • Tracy and Michael Bollag • Mark and Shelley Bookspan • Ms. Maria Brant • Janet H. Brown • Paula Bruice • David Bruns • Ms. Wendel Bruss • Bryant & Sons, Ltd. • Barbara Burger and Paul Munch • Bill Burke and NancyBell Coe • Dorothy Burkhart • Alison H. Burnett • Dan and Meg Burnham • L. Stafford Burrows • Alejandra and Kenneth Bushnell • Lisbeth A. Caccese • Mr. Charles Cagara, The Roger A. Clarke Classical Trust • Mr. and Mrs. Chet Caldeira • California Arts Council • John Calvert • Maggy Cara • Ms. Helga R. Carden • Stephen Carlan • Marvin Carlis • John Carter • Karin Carter and Tom Bates • Marianne Carter • Patricia Carver • Casa Dorinda • Dr. Ray & Sandra Castellino • Mary Jean Cavender • Donovan and Kathy Chalfant • Harry Chanson Scholarship Fund • Alain and Elisabeth Chardon • Stillman and Nancy Chase • David and Chris Chernof • Mr. Burton Chortkoff • Roger and Sarah Chrisman • Tana Christie • Claire Chytilo • Wendy and Walter Clapp • Barbara Ann Clark • Edith Clark • Guy and Ramona Clark • Philip C. Clarke • Robert & Yolanda Clements • John Cohan • Michael and Ruth Ann Collins • Rhoda and Jesse Colman • Andrew and Mary Jane Cooper • Ben Cornejo • Mrs. Pamela Cox • Mike Crawford and Pat Wiese • Barry and Sally Cunningham • Scott and Kathy Cunningham • D'Addario Foundation • Dr. Amelia Dallenbach • Carol H. Davidson • Nancy and Roger Davidson • Jan Davis-Hadley • Edward DeLoreto • Brian Dempsey • Emma Lou Diemer and Marilyn Skiöld • Raymond and Susan Dingman • Jeffrey and Kathryn Dinkin • Charles Disparte • Sarah Stapleton Dobbs • Ronald Dolkart and Margaret Rose • Nancy Donaldson • Mrs. Mary Tonetti Dorra • James and Patricia Dow • John M. DuBois • Joan and Jim Durham • Kathryn Durkee • Meg and Jim Easton • Marilyn Ebbin • Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation • Dr. J.C. Elliott • Margaret D. England • Mrs. Joanne Eoff • Glenn and Kassy Erickson • Libby and Stephen Erickson • Léni Fé Bland Performing Arts Partnership • Judith Fessenden • Walt Fidler • Brooks and Kate Firestone • Grace Fisher • J. Thomas and Eunice Fly • Richard Fortune • Jonathan Fox • Ron and Carole Fox • Mr. and Mrs. James H. Franzen • Tom and Christina Frisina • Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Fulton • Mr. Geoffrey Gaggs • Janet Garufis • Blas and Mary Garza • Deborah Branch Geremia • David L. Gersh • Mr. David Gibson • Jan and Bill Gilbert • Marilyn Gilbert • Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Gillies • Don and Deana Gilman • Gordon Gilman • Joyce L. Ginsberg • Adrienne and Bernard Girod • Gary and Sue Gleason • Peggy and Don Glynn • Nancy and Fred Golden • Mr. and Mrs. Sid Goldstien • Goleta Valley Self Storage • Mrs. Helgi Goppelt • Melissa Somrack Gorris • Sandy and Jerry Gothe • Judy Gough • Grandfolia • Ms. Christine A. Green • Terri Greenfield • Jon and Barbara Greenleaf • Jana and Randall Greer • Patricia A. Gregory for the Baker Foundation • Roberta Griffin and Michael Annese • George H. and Olive J. Griffiths Charitable Foundation • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grimes • Dr. Wayne W. Grody • Carolyn Groth-Marnat • Renee Grubb • Lynne Halterlein • The Hamister Foundation • Margaret Hamister • Ilse Hance • Lorraine Hansen • Susan Harbold • Deborah Harkin • Barbara Harlow • Christopher D. Harris • Valerie Harrison • Sarah Hearon • Lorna S. Hedges • Sam and Alene Hedgpeth • Fred and Patricia Heidner • Andrea Hein • Patricia Heller • Ray and Anne Higgins • James and Louise Hill • Sarah Hill • Daniel and Mandy Hochman • Ted and Andrea Hoelter • Shirley Hoemann • Paul A. Hoff • Christine R. Hollinger • Nan S. Holt • Mrs. Alita Homan • Pauline L. Homerberg • Daniel and Donna Hone • Jane and Terry Honikman • Loretta Hubbard • Barbara Hume • Sandra Hunt • Impulse • Jackie Inskeep • Ann Jackson Family Foundation • Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Judge George Eskin (Ret.) • Palmer and Joan Jackson • Joan E. Jacobs • Paul Jacobs & Barbara Logan • Joan and John Jamieson • Gina Laun Jannotta • Mary and Rufus Jeffris, Jr. • Don Jeske • Greg Johnson • Joseph and Diane Johnson • Marilyn Johnson • Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Johnson • John and Pamela Johnston • Mrs. Owen Johnston • Philip and Patricia Jones • Nir Kabaretti and Gaja Hubbard-Kabaretti • James and Judith Kahan • Twinkle Kang-Stewart • Jerry and Anne Kaplan • Lois Kaplan • Diana Katsenes • Frederic Kayser • William H. Kearns Foundation • Barbara Keating • Sharon Keigher • Judy and Vern Kemp • Fran Kennett and Tom Harriman • Ms. Jill Dore Kent • Elizabeth Kilb • Sally Kinney • Terry Kleid • Karin Klein • Hans Koellner and Karin Jacobson • George Konstantinow and Helene Segal • Laura & Dan Kranzler • Paul and Serena Kusserow • Chris Lancashire and Catherine Gee • Stefanie L. Lancaster Charitable Foundation • MaryAnn E. Lange • Ethel Larrabee • Beverlie and Ronald Latimer • Gillian Launie • The Lê Family • Elizabeth Leddy • Stephanie Lee • Lehrer Family Foundation, Seymour and Shirley Lehrer • Fred and Donna Lemere • Brad Lemons Foundation • Aaron and Melinda Lewis • Dennis Lewis • Dr. and Mrs. Fima Lifshitz • Jonathan Lipsitz • Dan Little • Dodie Little • Dr. and Mrs. Morgan P. Lloyd • Sheila Lodge • Barbara Logen • Douglas Lorch • Lillian Lovelace • Steven Lovell • Gail E. Lucas • Susan Lundt • Francis G. Lundy • Barbara L. MacCallum • Gloria Major-Brown • Joan Marks • Ria S. Marsh • The Marshall Family • B. Keith and Gloria Martin • Janice Martin • John and Robin Martin • Allen and Carly Mask • John and Ruth Matuszeski • Nancy and Douglas McAvoy • George and Dona McCauley • Sara Miller McCune & SAGE Publishing • Emmett McDonough • Jeffrey McFarland • Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. McGinn • Janet K. McGinnis • Amanda Nyce McIntyre • Art and Della McKinster • Anna McMillin • Elaine and Bill McNamara • Al Melkonian • Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp • Peter Melnick • Peggy Merizalde • Ms. Marilyn Metzner • Richard and Yakko Meyers • Marlene and Warren Miller • Dylan Minor • Mission Audio/Video • Melanie Mitchel • Barbara and David Mizes • Montecito Bank & Trust • Lois Moore • CDR and Mrs. Henry Moravec • Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Morgan • Peter Morris • Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Morrison • Samuel B. and Margaret Mosher Foundation • Judith A. Muller • Ms. Susan Murphy • Gretchen Murray • Nicholas and Rosemary Mutton • Mrs. Raymond King Myerson • Dr. Francie Naval • Paul Nay • Karin Nelson and Maren Henle • Jerry and Cathy Nichols • Phyllis and Richard Nielsen • Dale and Mike Nissenson • Alice Noble • Alfred and Arlene Noreen • George and Susan Northrop • Edith and Ray Ogella • Jean W. Ogle • Olio e Limone Ristorante • Donley and Valerie Olson • Eric J. Oltmann and Susan Van Abel • Carla and Desmond O'Neill • Dr. Stuart Orenstein and Joanne Schoenfeld • Ellen Lehrer Orlando and Thomas Orlando • Drs. Daniel and Anne Ovadia • Kate and Ian Parker • Courtney Parkinson • Pauline Paulin • Priscilla Peale • Professor Anna Louise Pearman • Samuel F. Pellicori • Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation • Jean M. Perloff • Jean M. Perrett • Jeff and Carolee Peterson • Dr. Ann Picker • Douglas and Kristine Pilkington • Mary K. and Edith Pillsbury Foundation • Judy Pochini • Mrs. Heidi Poley and Mr. Jason Poley • Gaines Post • Prime Time Band • Professional Musicians Association Local 308, AFM • Kostis Protopapas • Andrew Radford • Caren Rager • Yvonne Rambo • Cary and Martha Reich • Robert and Patricia Reid • Catherine Remak • Joan Renehan • Susan Renfrew • Margie Rhinestein • Donald and Alita Rhodes • Alison Richards and Ron Dreben • Michelle Richardson • Jane C. Rieffel • Stefan and Christine Riesenfeld • Steve and Marlayn Riley • Sir Gilbert and Lady Roberts • Amy Robertson • Nanci Robertson • Joan and Jerry Rocco • Jean Rogers • Rebecca Roling • Monica Romero • Rick and Regina Roney • Susan and Gil Rosas • Adele Rosen • Sybil Rosen • Dr. Sonia Rosenbaum • Charles and Gayle Rosenberg • Mrs. Shirley Ross • Dr. Paula Rudolph • Paul and Sandra Russell • George and Julie Rusznak • Joan Rutkowski • Irene and Mel Sahyun • Percy Sales and Ross Beardsley • Ada Sandburg • Sheldon and Alice Sanov • Dr. William E. Sanson • Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation • Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation • Dr. Suzanne M. Savoy • Robert and Doris Schaffer • Mrs. Richard Schall • Nancy Schlosser • Stan Schlosser • Don and Mary Schmidt • Charles A. Schneider • Kenneth and Marlyn Schwartz • Claudia Scott • Erlaine Hovden Seeger • Jill and Scott Seltzer • Les and Maureen Shapiro • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shasberger • Dr. Jack and Anitra Sheen • Homer and Allison Sheffield • Michael and Nancy Sheldon • Jim Shelton and Ron Texley • Joan and Steve Siegel • Mrs. Halina W. Silverman • Howard and Carol Simon • Howard Jay Smith and Patricia Dixon • Ms. Trudy L. Smith • Wanda Smith • Erwin and Caren Sokol • Sonos, Inc. • Norman and Joyce Sosner • Ms. Karen Spechler • Devora Sprecher • Middleton and Carol Squier • Patricia Stark • Mr. Richard Starr • Barbara Nagle Statler and Gordon Statler • Susan Steeg • Joan Steinberg • Drs. Michael and Beverly Steinfeld • Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation • Elizabeth and Martin Stevenson • Debra L. Stewart • Phyllis Stier • Heidi Stilwell • Trudi Straede • Pat and Terry Straehley • Marilynn L. Sullivan • Arthur G. Swalley • Mary Jo Swalley • Stender and Polly Sweeney • Yannick Tanguy • Ted Tedesco • The Stone Family Foundation • Raymond Thomas and Suzanne Holland • Steve Thompson • Cassandra Thomsen • The Walter J. & Holly O. Thomson Foundation • Stuart Thomson • Christine and Gregory Thorpe • Pat Toppel • The Towbes Foundation • Anne Smith Towbes • John Trotti and Karen Drown • Mark Trueblood • Dr. Shirley Tucker • William and Jane Tully • Meredith Tynes • Linda Lange and Joe Ullian • Jeanne Ullom and Michael Decaris • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Urquhart • Motome and William Van Horn • Glenn and Claire VanBlaricum • Emily Vanchella • Lew and Nina Venegas • Village Properties • Village Properties Teacher's Fund • Dr. Paula von Simson • Barbara and Gary Waer • Mary H. Walsh • John and Dorothy Warnock • Milton Warshaw and Maxine Prisyon • Kathryn Washburn • Robert and Lisa Watt • Cheryl Weakliem • Kathleen Weber • Nicholas and Patricia Weber • Robert and Anne Weber • Dr. Carol Pattillo Weingartner • Dr. Robert W. Weinman • Charles M. Weis • Mort and Judy Weisman • Wesner/Hoehn Family • Mrs. Dolores B. White • Barry and Donna Williams • Williams-Corbett Foundation • Danielle Willman • Carla Wilson • Kathleen Wilson • Joy Winer • Glenn A. Winter • Vaughn and Dee Wipf • Lillian Wisham • Susan and Bruce Worster • Fred and Linda Wudl • David Yager • Gary Yencich • Joann M. Younger • Zegar Family Fund • Charles and Nina Zimmer • Dick and Ann Zylstra • Anonymous (16)

Plus thank you to all ticket buyer who donated their tickets for the canceled concerts!

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Donor Benefits

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We are so lucky to have such a talented, professional, vibrant group of musicians in our community. Let’s all play our part in supporting the Santa Barbara Symphony.” 
—Anne Towbes

Your Contribution Plays A Very Important Part

At the heart of the Santa Barbara Symphony’s mission lies our goal to be an indispensable partner to our community, providing enrichment through inspiring concerts, music education programs, and access for everyone. Ticket sales and other earned income cover less than 35% of our total operating budget, leaving the remaining gap to be filled by contributions. The Santa Barbara Symphony relies on the generosity of contributors to continue the outstanding quality of performances audiences have come to expect. Your gifts and the generosity of all of our donors make it possible for us to provide you with artistic excellence, educational programs and much more.


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Please contact the Symphony office at 805.898.9386

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