Behind the Music

Saïd Ramón Araїza

Behind the Music

Fascinating insight into the music you hear

 *Please note that due to restrictions of COVID-19 this program will look a little different this season. 

  • *Please check back soon for schedule, guest speakers and other updates!

“Ramón’s pre-concert talks are not to be missed! I learn something new every time– Ramón really makes the music come to life.” –Symphony Patron

Saïd Ramón Araїza

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These lively, interactive, informal, talks are open to all ticket holders, last for approximately 30 minutes and are normally* held one hour and fifteen minutes before the Symphony concert begins. Get to the concert early and join us in the beautiful Granada Theatre and let us give you all there is to the music “behind the music.”

Musician and music scholar, Saïd Ramón Araїza’s extensive musical background, insights, presentation skills and humor will take you on a journey of discovery about each spectacular concert, bringing each work and its composer to life in a whole new way. This isn’t a college lecture. You’ll leave the preview energized, excited and ready to enjoy the concert more than ever. Mr. Araїza’s enthusiasm for this music is simply contagious! We know this half-hour will be one of those events where you’ll be telling your friends “you just have to come!”

About Saïd Ramón Araїza

The Santa Barbara Symphony is proud to present concert pianist, scholar, and musical autodidact Saïd Ramón Araїza. He is the face and voice of the acclaimed “Behind the Music” Pre-Concert Talks, a not-to-be-missed experience, offering insights from a contemporary perspective that is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the music performed by the Symphony. Mr. Araїza’s extensive experience as a musician, his broad range of cultural interests, and above all, his infectious enthusiasm makes for an ideal prélude to the concerts we present. These lively, interactive, and delightfully informal talks are open to all ticket-holders, last approximately thirty minutes, and are held one hour before Maestro Nir Kabaretti’s downbeat. So plan to arrive at the concert early and experience our favorite “Renaissance Man,” Mr. Araїza, with his energy, humor, and knowledge as he helps you get in touch with not just the music, but with the fascinating worlds of music.

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